Sunday, December 27, 2009


There's a well know hiking trail in the San Gabriel Mountains where I live called East Fork Trail. About 5-6 miles up this trail is a bridge, called the Bridge to Nowhere. I've made several attempts to reach this bridge during this past year, all failing due to several reasons, mostly getting lost, but yesterday, I finally made it.

Previous attempts have all been overnight backpacking trips, but this trip was a pack light dayhike specifically targeted at this bridge, do-or-die. I even brought along a woman(first time hiker) as extra incentive to see it through, that I wouldn't risk shaming myself in front of her by not reaching the stated goal.

I think she had fun, but God knows how well I know womenfolk's minds.

About as well as I know the air speed of a swallow(an African or European swallow?).

It's a good hike, provided dry passage can be found over the many river crossings. Those more accident prone might be better served by bringing a helmet, as there are loose rocks present along the trail that could come down on your heads.

Highly recommended.

In other news:

I saw Sherlock Holmes today. Good movie, though not much of a mystery. I was hoping for something more true to the book, what with some sort of puzzle or something for the audience to work through, but the result was acceptable. The ending is open ended enough for a sequel, but probably with a different villain than the one this movie hints at.

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