Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I had two finals today, one in the morning, one at night. The morning final was uneventful, and since I had a six hour gap between the two finals, I decided to go home and get some shut-eye.

My last final of the day was at 1930, so I left the house at 1900, plenty of time. Well it just so happened that there was a cop blocking the access into the parking lot I use, so I wasted some ten minutes on that. By then, it was 1935, and I was late to the test, and the nearest student parking was still a ten minute walk to the business building. Fuck it. I pull into a no parking zone as close to the business building as I could manage, grabbed my gear and sprinted into the classroom. Sixty scantron questions and 5 minutes later, I was out the door and back in the car at 1945. Didn't even check my answers. LIFO, Last In, First Out.

On the way back to the house, I dropped by a friend's(see post Modern Warefare 2 Midnight Release!) house to chill for a bit before I put my nose to the grind stone again. She was doing fine, but not sleeping enough, in case anyone was curious. She also had a rather disturbing picture of her boyfriend as her laptop background, but that's irrelevant to the current topic. After a bit of conversation, I accompanied her to pick up her younger brother from school, and the three of us made an additional stop at the Albertsons on Diamond Bar Blvd because she "needed" a gingerbread man cookie cutter(me: "Just use a knife, think of all the fun shapes you could make." her: "No!"). Well, as we pulled into the lot, a dog dragging a leash ran dashed us.

Her: [Teko], go chase it!
Me: Ugh...

I ran after the stupid mutt, eventually caught up and stomped on its leash, causing it to trip over itself. Obviously it wasn't very happy about it and growled at me. It wasn't very intimidating, as it was some kind of mutt chihuahua and rather small. Then my friend, who had "parked"(I say that very in the most general way, seeing as she parked on top of the line between two parking spaces) her car, said "Here! Come here!" in that cutesy high voice girls use on little dogs, and what do you know? The mutt went over to her, tail wagging all the while.

We couldn't find a tag on the dog, or an owner lagging behind the dog somewhere, so my friend decided to bring the dog home with her. It's whining in her garage at the moment. Here's a picture of it:

She plans on making some "Found: Dog" fliers and posting them up at local businesses and neighborhoods. But if any of my readers(all eight of you) recognize the damned thing, tell me and we'll get it back to it's owner.

Ninja Edit: Dog is gone, maybe it'll find its own way back.

In other news:

Did you know that there's one place out there that's still hiring people? Lots of people! That's right! It's the US Government! And current employees get pay raises(some over a $100kUSD, before bonuses!) during the recession! So the public sector grow bigger and more costly to maintain, while the private sector hemorrhages tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of jobs a month.

Forgive my questioning of the Man of Hope, but isn't that like...I dunno, fucking over the productive bit of the economy to fund the growth of the unproductive bit?

I think that elections these days have become a popularity contest. People have forgotten that just because he's some figure of hope doesn't mean he knows how to run a country. Someone needs to explain to the man how a capitalist economy works. If Jesus was reborn and found as a 5-year-old, would you hand him the reins of presidency?

If you said yes to that, remember, he's 5 years old, he probably couldn't even repeat all the words of the Oath of Office, much less understand it.

On the other hand, we could probably find a not-as-popular but super-competent VP for him.


Ray said...

ionno Tony...

You got to consider the alternative as well. If McCain was elected, it would mean that the Republican party would be impervious to failure. Kind of like "Too One Party System to Fail".

You also should remember that the Financial Sector is still part of the private sector...and the bonuses there go way beyond 100k a year. It's actually hard to keep competent people in public service with a 100k/yr payroll when they can make about 10 to 100 times that money in the private sector. In contrast to our European counterparts, the US public sector to private sector ratio is actually extremely small. If you really want to have a small public sector and smaller government...consider moving to Somalia. Their government is in name only, and that's probably as small as it gets.

Teko said...

There's a limit to how small a government can be. I mean, what's the ratio of public servants to private citizens in Somalia? Not to mention that saying Somalia has a small government is a misrepresentation. Their public services and government is made up of various sectors and warlord militias. The government you refer to is the recognized government Somalia, which really only controls a few BLOCKS of downtown Mogadishu.