Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Board Games

Today, I played several board games, something I have not done in quite some time.

After a short and unfortunately uneventful work day/morning, I purchased and half installed a deadbolt on my closet door. I say half installed because my father drove off with the remaining tools I needed to drill a deeper hole for the bolt. I expect to organize the walk-in over the week and move most of the dangerous gear in there, while at the same time organizing the closet that contains my clothes. Also, I'm current looking into a more secure door system than just the deadbolt due to storage of weapons and ammunition. I'd get a safe, but most of the safes of the capacity I want won't fit through my closet door, not to mention there's no way I'd be able to carry it up there in the first place. I'd really rather just secure the door.

After installing the lock, I went over to Nan's, where i watched him install his own new lock on his bedroom door. I suppose he got tired of his mother barging in at random times.

We then went off to visit A mutual friend of ours, who then became host of a small gathering of friends in her kitchen/living room. We had homemade crepe and vegetarian(ugh!) lasagna while playing through several games of Munchkins, LIFE, and Scrabble.

With so much emphasis these days on co-op/multiplayer video games, I wonder if many have lost touch with the lower tech base games. I mean, getting a 35/6 K/D spread in Halo is great and all, but do you get the same "things to do before you die" satisfaction as when you use all seven letter tiles in a game of Scrabble and earn that 50 point premium?

In other news:

My car, Claus, is informing me of the fact that she is now 200 miles overdue for Service B, whatever the hell that is. I'll need to take her in either tomorrow or Wednesday.

Oh, and I totally forgot to drop off the dry cleaning today. I'll do that tomorrow, depending on work.

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