Thursday, December 24, 2009

An Eve of Philosophy

It's an hour and a half till Christmas Day as I type this.

I purchased and watched Ghost in the Shell the movie today. I finished it about 5 minutes ago, and it has left me in a pensive and contemplative mood. I've watched Ghost in the Shell before. I'm actually quite the fan of the works of Masamune Shirow(the creator of GITS). His works are always extremely philosophical and much more serious than one might garner at first glance.

The remastered 2.0 version just cuts in some completely unnecessary CG shots, which seem entirely out of place. I prefer the original.

Cognito ergo sum. I think, therefore, I am. I do not question my existence. I question the "how" of my existence. The question of what existence is and what come after it does not cross my mind every day, but it is always riding there, niggling me in the back of my brain. How does a collection of nerves and synapses make up what I am? When does the physical cross over to the metaphysical?

And even if I had the answer, would said collection of nerves and synapses have the ability to understand it? Especially when it can barely understand higher level mathematics?

Enough of to do something else.

In other news:

I purchased my own copy of Scrabble today. Then, I realized that it would make a good present for my cousins in Taiwan, who are learning English. Whether or not they'll like it is a different matter.

I also purchased Super Mario Bros. Wii for my older cousin, who brought a Region 1 Wii back to Taiwan, then realized that it couldn't play Region 3 game disks. I'm tempted to play it myself, but I'll wait till I get back to Asia and play it with her.

As a last note: How lonely is a man who will spend Christmas Eve playing games with equally lonely men over Skype?

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ErnestThing said...

Whatever you do don't watch the second one. It tries too hard.

I assume you've seen Stand Alone Complex, and second gig? I daresay the series surpassed the movie.