Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I is gud driver?

I received my first(and likely the last) Christmas present of the year the other day.

A MUVI Micro DV Camcorder

The think is literally the size of my thumb. It's advertised as the smallest DV camcorder in the world. While I am positive there are smaller ones, this is probably the smallest it's going to get on the commercial market at this price. I had no idea what to do with it. Certain others had suggested activities that are nowhere near safe for the younger public, and though tempted, I decided to do something a little more wholesome to start.

After a few false starts, I looked online to see what others have been doing with their MUVIs. Youtube provided the answer.

People have been zip-tying their MUVIs to their cars and taking them along for drives along whatever road they happen to be on. Very well then, I shall join this crowd.

Turn down the volume, as it's pretty much just wind noise.

It seems to me that the video doesn't really give the full effect of the drive. It looks safer and calmer than it really is. Case in point: Peter screamed the one time he went down this road with me.

In other news:

I really dig this kind of music. Found this on my other friend's blog,  DUAL ACTION. I'm not sure what the blog's about, but the YouTube vid below is the awesome. It's by this Icelander ├ôlafur Arnalds. Check out his 7 days of songs, collectively titled the Found Tracks at his website here.

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